Justin Hebert, Top Rookie of The Year Candidate


Turner Keck, Staff Writer

Former Oregon QB Justin Herbert was taken sixth overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, behind Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow. He was drafted to the LA Chargers, who have been off to a rough start. The Chargers are 2-5 this season, but the future looks bright with Justin Herbert, who is just six games into his NFL career.

Herbert got the starting position after former QB Tyrod Taylor fractured a rib. It didn’t take long for the former college star to win the starting position outright. He has had over 250 passing yards in every game this season with his best game being a 330 passing yard performance against the Carolina Panthers. He has 15 touchdown passes and only 5 interceptions this season to pair with his 1,820 total passing yards. While not the most athletic QB in the league, defenses have to respect him as a runner, which allows the offense to have an extra level of depth that they did not have last year with Phillip Rivers. He has one rushing touchdown on the season. Of the four first-round QBs that were drafted, only Burrow, Herbert, and Tagovailoa have gotten a start. Burrow has Herbert beat by 400 total passing yards, but Herbet has 4 more passing touchdowns.

Herbert is locked in with Justin Jefferson for the Rookie of The Year race. Jefferson is a Wide Receiver for the Minnesota Vikings who was taken 22nd overall in the NFL draft. The Vikings and the Chargers are both 2-5 so the team success does not affect the race right now. While Jefferson has had an amazing season for a WR, Herbert’s performance as a QB is just too impressive for any wide receiver to beat in the ROY race. Herbert may be a little behind Burrow in his total passing yards this season, but expect him to pass Burrow by the end of the season and cement himself as the best rookie from the 2020 draft class.