Kamala Harris Set to Make History


Mia Pierson, Staff Writer

Kamala Harris is expected to make history by becoming the nation’s first female, African-American , and Asian-American vice president. Some Americans are saying that her background and experience can “safely shape our generation” for women and people of color. Donald Trump has already attempted to demean her on her race and gender. Trump tried to claim that Harris might not be a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore is ineligible to be vice president. People have also tried to mock the pronunciation of her name. 

With this being said, Harris is not new to making history.  Harris was the first woman and person of color to serve as San Francisco’s district attorney and California’s attorney general. On top of that, in 2016 she became the second woman of color to serve in the U.S. Senate. Harris is also the third woman ever to be nominated by a major party on a presidential ticket. One Trump campaign advisor last month called Harris “an insufferable lying…”. Many people have been extremely sexist when it comes to Harris . They have tried to portray her as something she is not. Some of the things they have been attacking Harris for, Trump has also done. Since he’s a man, it’s okay in their eyes. 

Harris is a powerful woman. She has made history in several aspects and is a very successful woman. With any successful woman comes backlash. The president has repeatedly called Harris “totally unlikable” and a “monster,” says Business Insider. Republicans have come after her to say she is ”power hungry.” Powerful women (especially in politics) can only over react, they aren’t allowed to react. This has been clearly shown in response to Harris’s policies or statements. Republicans and people in general are very intimidated by such a successful and powerful woman. Their only response to a powerful woman is to try and degrade her.




Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/kamala-harris-makes-history-first-woman-black-vice-president-elect-2020-11