“Keep It Clean Georgia”


Brianna Whipple, Staff Writer

Every year in the United States, $11.5 billion is spent on litter clean-up. One contributing factor includes the five pounds of trash that is produced every day by an average American. All across Georgia, there are more than 50,000 miles of state routes and interstate highways. This increases the potential risk of litter piling up in these places and possibly causing damage if not disposed of properly. The Georgia Department of Transportation recently launched its new anti-litter campaign known as “Keep It Clean Georgia” as part of its contribution towards the movement of keeping Georgia litter free. 

According to a release from the Georgia Department of Transportation, the purpose of this statewide campaign is “focused on preventing and eliminating litter by motivating Georgians and Peach State visitors to not only avoid littering in the first place, but also play an active role in protecting and maintaining the stunning views and rich landscapes that make Georgia the heart of the South.” This campaign also reminds citizens that littering is unacceptable everywhere throughout the state, not just in the state’s highly populated roadway system. 

The effects of littering are not frequently addressed or often known. The Georgia DOT aims to eliminate this problem by further educating the public on the impact litter has on the environment, economy, and roadway safety. This campaign encourages citizens to stop the problem before it starts by taking immediate action. This can be done by simply ensuring that all trash is disposed of properly in its rightful place.

Governor Brian P. Kemp expressed that he was “excited to support Georgia DOT’s efforts with the ‘Keep It Clean Georgia’ campaign.”  He encourages all Georgians to do their part to help the state “remain a place we are proud to call home.” Kemp believes that if citizens take the necessary steps toward eliminating litter and protecting the environment, it will ensure a bright and beautiful future for Georgia. Russel McMurry, P.E., Georgia DOT commissioner states, “Whether your home is a wide-open countryside or in one of Georgia’s bustling city centers, litter is everyone’s problem…” Everyone must work together to preserve the state’s natural beauty from its mountains, all the way to its coast. 

Individuals, businesses, environmental organizations, and state agencies have partnered with the “Keep It Clean Georgia” campaign through the Georgia DOT. Some of these foundations include the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation. These partnerships contribute to the shared mission of promoting a litter-free state. While there is still a lot of work to be done for the health of the environment globally, executive director of the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation, Natalie Johnston-Russel, firmly believes that “a positive impact can be made right here in Georgia.” The positive impact starts today. The positive impact starts with you.