The Second and Final Presidential Debate


Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

The final Presidential Debate took place on Thursday, October 22nd. Just 12 days before the election, the two candidates battled out their beliefs and sides of the story over a 90 minute period. Unlike the first debate, this one seemed a lot more “presidential.” Vice President Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump both had a good debate, Trump especially improving his behavior from the first debate. Both politicians had very different approaches to the pandemic, Biden saying America is only getting worse and is heading into a dark winter, while Trump argued the opposite. Trump claims that Americans are learning to live with the virus, Biden shot back and argued Americans are learning to die with it. The debate was different from most other debates still, as both candidates attacked each other on their personal financial history. Russia was a big subject of the night, as both candidates accused the other of financial gain from the country, Biden adding in Trump’s secret bank account from China to his argument. Biden also introduced his plan for ‘Bidencare’ which would be an extra option to Obamacare. Among this, Trump attacked Biden’s plan for “socialized medicine” and said he plans to ban Obamacare, which he’s failed to end for four years now. In the climate change section, Biden fared much better than Trump. Biden talked about his environmental plans and future while Trump kept on bashing The Green New Deal and claimed that wind powered energy kills too many birds. I’m not sure what he was aiming for there, probably nothing, as he had no clue what he was talking about.

There were parts of the debate that made me laugh, especially the part when Trump claimed he was the least racist person in the room and Biden responded, very quick wittedly, “Abraham Lincoln over here…” Trump either didn’t get the joke or thought Biden got Lincoln and himself mixed up and told Biden his mistake while Biden responded in laughter and kept calling Trump the most racist president in modern history.

All jokes aside, this election may be the most important election in recent history. While the candidates advocated for themselves throughout this rough and confusing year, this election will decide how America handles the remainder of the virus season and how many lives are actually lost. As you vote, or your parents vote, you have to think how important every single vote is. Change is needed in this country more than ever and we need change fast. Less than one week from now, the initial part of the election will be over and we’ll be waiting for the final mail in ballots to be counted.