President Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19 Amid the Pandemic


Ethan Lopez, Staff Writer

Very early on  Friday morning, October 2nd, President Donald J. Trump announced through a tweet that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and will be beginning their “quarantine and recovery process immediately.” 

Later that day, Trump was administered a drug to help with the symptoms, and soon after left for the Walter Reed National Medical Center for further treatment. He sent out a pre-recorded video around the time he left thanking everybody for their support, stating his and the First Lady’s status as “very well,” and announcing his admission to the hospital. This was sent along with a written tweet, once again announcing his visit to the hospital and stating to “[not] be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life”, as well as claiming that “I feel better than I did 20 years ago!” 

Trump was discharged from the medical center Monday afternoon, only staying there over the weekend before resuming his duties as President. Over the short time spent there, his fever spiked and he was administered two different drugs to treat him: a steroid called dexamethasone and an experimental dose of remdesivir, a new drug that is meant to slow down the replicating process of the virus. 

After this, Trump planned to approve another experimental drug, Regeneron, for emergency use for patients all over America, following the extreme success it had in reducing symptoms. With these new supplements out for the public, the potential life count saved could be enormous, eventually making this pandemic feel more like the common flu. As of now, Trump is fully integrated back into his role as president and claims he is no longer suffering any symptoms of the virus; however, medical staff continues to keep a close eye on his health.