A Bright Spot For Atlanta Sports


Addison Siler, Staff Writer

Atlanta sports have a reputation for not being the best, but the Braves baseball team might be able to change that. The Braves have been on a roll and currently have won all five of their postseason games. 

The Braves are headed to the National League Champion series on Monday against the Dodgers. If the Braves keep up the good work and beat the Dodgers they will be on their way to the World Series. The Braves haven’t been to the World Series since 1999. Them winning could bring Atlanta sports some hope for the future. In the offseason, the Braves picked up a few new pitchers and hitters who have helped carry the team to where they are now. Some of the younger players, such as Dansby Swanson and Ronald Acuna Jr., have had outstanding years. Dansby Swanson, at one point, led the team in RBIs and hits.

As the championship approaches , the likelihood that they will win seems to decrease. ESPN has said that there is a 73% chance that the Dodgers will win, but everyone that supports the Braves hopes for a different outcome. Going into the championship, the Braves seem to be the underdog in this competition because the Dodgers have defeated good teams all year long . If the Braves beat the Dodgers, they will win a trophy but will have to play another seven-game series to win the World Series ring. Following the NLCS, there are three possible teams the Braves could play against. 

As the season comes to a close, the chances of winning seem slim, but the Braves could potentially bring home a win for the first time since 1999, which would hopefully change the reputation of Atlanta sports. Even though the odds seem to be against the Braves, they have still managed to stay positive and have a great season, and as of Tuesday evening, an NLCS championship is looking better and better. The Braves are up two games on the Dodgers.