Jalen Ramsey vs. Golden Tate


Turner Keck, Staff Writer

Jalen Ramsey is a Cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams, and he is one of the highest-paid CBs in the NFL. Part of Ramsey’s game is talking trash and starting fights, but last weekend, his beef with New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate transcended the field. Both players were fined after their fight, but the beef behind it is much more interesting than just a fight and an argument.

Jalen Ramsey has two children and both of those kids are Golden Tate’s nieces. After Ramsey and his girlfriend, Golden Tate’s sister, had their second child, they broke up. Ramsey left Breanna Tate for a Las Vegas Stripper, which rightfully angered Golden Tate. In October 2019, Ramsey made things official with his new girlfriend, and Tate tweeted out that, “He [Jalen Ramsey] know he gonna have to see me.”

This beef reached a boiling point this Sunday when Ramsey and Tate met on the field for the first time since the beef began. After the beef went through a slow cooking process, Ramsey and Tate met in a game between the Giants and the Rams. Ramsey had a highlight tape hit on Tate, and at the end of the game, a brawl broke out. It was reported that Ramsey waited for Tate outside the Giants’ locker room. The rest of this fight remained under wraps, but it was revealed that both players were fined $15K.