Stetson Bennett and His New UGA Football Glory


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

Stetson Bennet was a quarterback for Pierce County High for three years before becoming a walk-on to the University of Georgia’s football team. Bennet, before two weeks ago, was a fourth string quarterback, but is now starting quarterback for the Bulldogs.

Bennet became a walk-on for the Bulldogs, then left for a small community college where he felt he would get a little more action, that was before UGA begged to have him back on their team this past recruiting cycle, where now he is the starting quarterback. He has come a long way from being Georgia’s walk-on back in 2017. It was assumed that he would play backup for several high-profile quarterbacks that were on the roster. However, Bennett had other ideas. Georgia already had their starting quarterback set for when they played their first game of the season against the Arkansas Razorbacks. This was when Bennett would finally get his chance he always dreamed of. 

The Georgia Bulldogs were trailing by a score of two to seven against Arkansas towards the end of the second quarter when  Kirby Smart decided to make a switch in quarterbacks. Without any preparation, Bennett was thrown into the game, but he soon took the lead of the offense and led the Georgia team to a 37-10 victory.  This earned Bennett the start of the biggest and oldest rivalry in the SEC, the Auburn Tigers. Bennett soon took the opportunity and ran with it, leading Georgia to a 27-6 victory between the hedges. 

Bennet has earned the title of “The Mailman” from his teammates and fans, and continues to silence his haters and doubters. The title Mailman has been given to him because he has delivered for Georgia every Saturday since the season began. Stetson Bennett is a great story on perseverance, whether you’re a fan or not.