Is Atlanta United Back On Track?


Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

After over a month of disappointing losses and unfortunate draws, Atlanta United seems to have gained some of their balance back. On Wednesday, 10th placed Atlanta United played against 2nd placed FC Dallas and managed to slide by with a 1-0 win. Wednesday’s game was a much needed improvement over the last couple of games for Atlanta. The goal scorer, Jeff Larentowicz, slotted in a penalty in the second half to win the game. There were other outstanding performers in that game, including John Gallagher, Eric Remedi, and George Bello. 

Fans were definitely very pleased with the performance. The team looked like what it used to be before they started losing every game. Atlanta seemed like they had a game plan and that game plan actually worked. They looked confident. After the win, Stephen Glass, Atlanta’s interim manager, hoped that the team could carry on how they played today into the next few games. A rather odd note is that Ezequiel Barco, Atlanta’s interim star player, hasn’t been on the squad for a number of games now. Is he injured? Or is Atlanta planning to trade him as the rumors said? With the leave of Pity Martinez last week, Atlanta signed his replacement, Marcelino Moreno. Moreno should start in a couple of the upcoming games or two, so hopefully, he can prove himself.

Atlanta plays against Chicago, who stand below them in the MLS table, this weekend. If Atlanta can manage to hold on to the performance they had mid-week, they would be able to breeze to victory in Sunday’s game. With a win, Atlanta could possibly rank 8th by the end of the week. Wednesday’s win brings up the question of whether the win was a stroke of luck or actual quality. If it is the latter, maybe Atlanta can make something out of this season.