Gender Reveal Party Accident Leads to Wildfires, Heat Storms, and a Red Sky Over the West Coast


David McNew

Ethan Lopez, Staff Writer

California, Oregon, Arizona, and other West Coast states are currently under fire: and not in the figurative sense. As of now, half a million acres of land are currently being scorched, hundreds of thousands of people are evacuating, and thick smoke is clouding the atmosphere from intense flames ravaging the states, all caused by many lightning strikes and a gender reveal accident gone wrong. 

On the Saturday morning of September 5th, a gender reveal party was hosted near the El Dorado Ranch Park. One of the participants ignited a pyrotechnic at the big reveal of the party which sparked flames in the surrounding area. Desperate partygoers attempted to stop the fire to  avail. This led to the devastating wildfire that, as of now, burned through over 12,000 acres of land, all situated in San Bernardino County. 

This wildfire sparked in tandem with “The August Complex,” a series of 38 wildfires that started from rapid lightning strikes in the Mendocino National Forest area. Between these two fires, thankfully, there has been no civilian casualties. However, as of September 11th, these separate fires burned over 700,000 acres in the national forest, a huge leap from the 10th’s 400 thousand acres burned, with only a 25% containment of it. 

Despite all the attention, California isn’t the only one gravely affected by the wildfires. Oregon has serious problems of its own, with over half a million residents being forced to evacuate statewide amidst the fires. On the 10th, Portland had to declare a state of emergency from the potential and widespread damage the fires could cause. On top of that, the intense smoke coming from fires in both states is fogging the sky and leading to an unhealthy air quality, along with a gloomy, deep red atmosphere that’s sure to frighten some locals. 

Thankfully, they have thousands of personnel currently working and fighting against the wildfires that are washing through their state. Because of them, thousands of houses and hundreds of lives can be saved from the ensuing flames. According to studies, over 90% of fires in the US are caused by people, so it is up to us to take careful action when handling pyrotechnics and flammable objects. Only through that can we secure a better, less dangerous environment in which we live in.