South Carolina’s Residence Want Statue of Chadwick Boseman to Replace Confederate Memorial


Brook Jackson, Staff Writer

The citizens of Anderson, South Carolina want to honor Chadwick Boseman by immortalizing him in stone to place in front of Anderson County courthouse. Chadwick Boseman was known for his leading roles in Black Panther, Marshall, and Get On Up. Chadwick unfortunately died at the age of 43 on Friday, August 28th due to colon cancer. Chadwick was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016, and over a period of 4 years his cancer turned into stage IV. The actor kept his cancer diagnosis private from everyone. People around the world were devastated to hear that the outstanding actor had suddenly died. This amazing actor made a big impact on the black community and has been a hero on and off the screen for many people.

The morning after his death, more than 4,000 people signed an online petition. The petition reads, “The Confederate Monument belongs in a museum, but has no right to be displayed there. I believe the community should come together to honor someone from Anderson, South Carolina that was able to change the movie industry. He opened doors for many young black people with his leading roles in movies such as Black Panther or Marshall. It is only natural that his hometown honors what he did. There is no need for political controversy in this decision.” Many other people like Anderson University student DeAndre Weaver wrote, ” Mr. Boseman is without question an American treasure and his accolades go on and on. It is only fitting that his work is honored in the same place that birthed him.” Then the petition goes on about how people are not aiming to destroy the monument, but rather relocate it to the Anderson County Museum.

The statue that sits in front of the Anderson County courthouse now is a confederate soldier atop a platform, that reads, “The world shall yet decide in truths clear, far-off light that the soldiers who wore the grey, and died with Lee, were in the right.” The citizens of Anderson want something new to represent the town of Anderson. They want someone like Chadwick Boseman who shows equal justice for everyone instead of something that may threaten or make people feel uncomfortable. The petition’s author wrote,” It is beyond time for its retirement. The Anderson County Museum should be the permanent home to the Confederate Monument.”

The people of Anderson addressed this to mayor Terence Roberts and other local representatives due to a heritage act that requires state authorization for all Confederate statues in the state of South Carolina. The mayor of Anderson is willing to work with the state to find a perfect place for the monument.

As of Thursday, September 3rd even more people have signed the petition. According to NBC News, nearly 63,000 people have signed one of the petitions. On that Thursday, Anderson also had a public memorial service for Chadwich Boseman and included a screening of his role in Black Panther as King T’Challa.