The 2020 Presidential Race Tightens


Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, still leads in polls against the current president, Donald J. Trump. Current polls show that Biden leads Trump 7.5 percentage points, which is a drop from the 9 percentage points Biden had before the Republican National Convention. Both FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics polls give the same numbers. RCP goes on to state that Biden has a 2.5 percent point lead over Trump in the swing states. 

Earlier this week, both nominees attacked each other for the “unwarranted” violence in the streets of several U.S. cities. Trump argues that it’s the radical leftists that are causing civil unrest, while Biden condemns the violence and blames it on Trump’s failure to bring American justice and peace. Biden also attacked Trump’s horrible response to the pandemic and polls show that over 60% of voters still blame Trump for America’s failure of a response. Recent polls show that Biden has a 49-41 advantage over Trump, but the gap is still narrowing. Biden’s huge gap has narrowed very quickly in the past weeks, and are likely to narrow even more as election day approaches. Polls go on to state that swing states are leaning more towards Biden this year, which could cost Trump the election, but those states are still too close to decide. Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, said that “This is really a game of inches. The Trump campaign is looking to peel off a little bit of Biden support here and a little bit there, it may be working, despite the fact that Pennsylvania voters personally like the Democrat more, although this gap has narrowed.” States like Pennsylvania and Georgia will be a major win for either side, but nevertheless, the election will be neck and neck. 

Last month was a great month for Joe Biden as he managed to raise $365 million in August for his campaign through fundraisers and donations. To put this into perspective, in August of 2016, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made a combined $233 million. In the 2008 election, McCain only raised $383 million in his entire campaign. The sudden boost in donations could be reflecting excitement for Joe Biden’s pick of Kamala Harris and the events of the democratic convention. Joe Biden tweeted that 95% of the donations were from grassroots supporters, 1.5 million of which were first-time donors. It is also reported that Joe Biden has spent around $280 million in advertising and that the Trump Administration plans to spend around $200 million this fall. 

Overall, this election will be a very close one. Democrats don’t want a repeat of 2016 when Clinton won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college, so those swing states will play a huge role for them this year. Personally, I do think that the silent majority lies with the democrats, considering that 5 of the 6 past elections have had more democratic votes. In fact, I’d argue that Trump supporters are anything but silent, but that’s for another day. The election is about two months away, so the battle is heating up more than ever. Where do the odds lie? Will Biden beat Trump and restore the soul of America, or will Trump defy the numbers and serve another term?