Online School: For Better or Worse?

Online School: For Better or Worse?

Addison Siler, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has made masks, social distancing, and online school the new normal. Specifically, online school has changed the way students feel about school. Online school has changed my perspective on school because, during virtual classes, I find it easier to lose focus. Being online and sitting in a chair looking at a screen all day is not going to help me learn any better than being in person. 

Face-to-face school  holds my attention because we do more than sit in chairs all day. We watch videos or do hands-on projects. Face-to-face school  keeps me off my phone and keeps me engaged. Being at school helps me to retain the information better because I’m hearing it and seeing it in different ways. 

When in online classes, you have to keep your mics muted, which makes things very awkward. This keeps me from asking/answering questions. I feel like I’m not retaining as much information as I would if I was in person. I feel like I’m doing well in all my classes, but I also feel like I’m still not learning as much as I would if  face-to-face. I thought that being at school in person was stressful enough, but online school makes me feel incredibly overwhelmed. Getting help on homework is harder with being at home because all I can do is email my teacher, and even then, I might still need help. With online classes, there are always going to be technical difficulties, and it makes learning harder when the teacher’s mic randomly goes out, and the students have no idea what to do. Online school also takes away the social aspect of school and makes creating a connection with the teacher and my other classmates harder.

During this time, I have learned that school really isn’t that bad and helped me learn better. I miss being in school face-to-face because now I don’t know who my teachers are, and I don’t know any of my classmates. I feel like now, with online school, I don’t pay attention, and I find myself on my phone a lot more. Virtual school isn’t fun for the student or the teacher because essentially, the teacher is speaking to a computer in an empty classroom. The teachers don’t know when their students are with them, or if they need help, because most of the students won’t speak up or engage. I think in the end of all of this, everyone will be ready to go back face-to-face.