American Patriotism Crumbling


Brianna Whipple, Staff Writer

While our country is constantly undergoing changes and challenges, the amount of national pride people display is rapidly decreasing. Why is this so? Why do people lose the long established faith in their country when things go “wrong?” Now more than ever, our country is completely divided. There is an ideological war going on in our country as we speak, Americans against fellow Americans. We are divided by our political views, race, protests, and opinions on certain situations going on around us. 

With our country currently under siege with racial differences, rioting, and destruction, we are increasingly becoming politically divided with each side claiming to be “on the right track to lead our future.” As a result, the economy has weakened and there has been a loss of many lives. Why do we bash others for their political views? While we do not have to agree with others on certain topics, this does not allow shots to be fired. By extending an olive branch, we could resolve many differences and issues. Our political systems need to come to a common ground or we will continue down a path of destruction. 

Many people disrespect the flag because they believe it is a symbol of racism and oppression. People are burning our flags and sitting down for the pledge and National Anthem out of anger for what is going on in our country. Why is this so? The flag represents traditional values that have been previously established by our founding fathers. While racism is a huge issue taking part in our country right now, disrespecting the flag is not a part of the resolution. 

We must focus on obtaining racial unity, but in a peaceful way. Violent protests are destroying businesses, towns, and our economy. Some people are taking advantage of the destruction of stores to loot and steal products. This has nothing to do with trying to achieve the long needed change for minorities. It is only dividing our country even more. This is a time to come together as one and fight for what we believe is right. 

We need to reflect back to the great words of President John. F. Kennedy, “ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.” Each individual must look inside themselves to see how they can contribute to the betterment of the country. For example, we can ensure our votes are cast, as each one counts. We can peacefully protest. We can hear out other people’s views, while rationally trying to teach others ours. We can not snap judge others based on their race. The color of one’s skin should not determine whether someone is a good person or not. At the end of the day, we are all Americans who put on our shoes the same way. We have strayed away from our Founding Fathers’ vision of a country that is unified. We must not abandon the longstanding values of our country when things are not going as they should. We have to maintain faith, even in difficult times.

It is common for younger generations to not have as much patriotism as all they know are the “horrible things” that have been going on in the country for years. It is easy to convince and alter a younger mind based on biased social media posts and news stories. They are quick to disagree on current events without knowing the full story. Misleading information contributes to distrust in the system, which results in a decrease in patriotism for the country. Older generations tend to have more patriotism for our country because they have been alive longer to see more of the potential our country has. They were raised as more traditional than what we see now. 

While it is not realistic that everyone will agree with one path for the country, we can come together to eliminate the violent killing of our own people simply based on their views. We can come together to make little changes in our everyday lives, that will go a long way. We must regain faith and reestablish the missing pieces of patriotism for our beloved country.