The University System of Georgia waives SAT/ACT Requirements for 2021 Seniors


Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

As a high school senior, studying and preparing for the SAT and ACT have been a significant hurdle to jump over for  the past year. It’s not clear how vital and time consuming prep for these tests are until you actually start studying. I was originally signed up for the March 14th, 2020 SAT and the April 4th ACT, but the current pandemic cancelled those tests and many more in the future. 

When school was cancelled for two weeks during the beginning of the  “Coronacation,” so were the ACT and SAT. This was expected, of course, so I signed up for the next dates for both exams. Those dates were also cancelled. Around May, the USG announced that 2020 seniors did not have to admit SAT or ACT exam scores to enroll this year. This did not have a huge effect on their class, as most students had already submitted scores from the beginning of senior year. The USG, at that point, had not made any mention of whether or not the same situation applied to the class of 2021. 

After a couple months, SATs and ACTs kept getting cancelled, and the class of 2021  started complaining. As the time for early registration neared, we were still required to submit exam scores, even though we had no opportunities to take the actual exam. Seniors had to hold on to the hope that there would be an announcement from the USG sometime soon about registration requirements. On Tuesday, August 27, the USG confirmed that the ACT and SAT has been waived for 2021 Fall, Spring and Summer students. The announcement was  made a couple days after the September SATs had been cancelled in many areas across the state. The USG reported that over 60% of colleges around the country were able to deal with missing exam scores fine and that they hope other states follow in their footsteps. Of course, colleges will focus on GPAs and individual student grades  more, but at least students won’t have to stress and deal with an all important exam during a worldwide pandemic. 

Personally, I couldn’t be thankful enough that exams have been waived, as now I will be able to early register with certain colleges. I don’t think the USG could’ve managed to require the exams this year, though, as every single opportunity to take the exam was being cancelled. They could’ve also made this announcement much earlier, but at least they did listen to the worried and stressed seniors, and eventually made a wise decision.