MLB’s Unwritten and Written Rules

MLBs Unwritten and Written Rules

Turner Keck, Staff Writer

The MLB is in an odd state with their “rules,” written and unwritten. With players being upset over the breaking of unwritten and written rules. Fernando Tatis Jr., Joe Kelly, Rob Manfred, Ramón Laureano, and The Houston Astros are at the top of all baseball fans’ minds right now.

The American heroes Joe Kelly and Ramón Laureano are the first two heads to be put on the Astros’ Shame Tour Mt. Rushmore. Joe Kelly is a Dodgers pitcher who got very involved in the 2017 World Series rematch. The Dodgers as a whole were not very happy with the Astros, after finding out they cheated their way into a ring. Joe Kelly made this very clear in his pitching appearance against the Astros. He gained his media fame after hitting Alex Bregman, a famous cheater who has been struggling without the sign stealing, with a wild curveball. He followed that up by pitching behind Carlos Correa, but the fireworks began later in Correa’s at-bat. After pitching behind Correa, Joe Kelly struck out the cheater and exclaimed some choice words such as “You have to cheat to hit,” followed by mocking Correa with a pouty face. This caused benches to clear and a fight to ensue. Then Oakland A’s outfielder Ramón Laureano got into it with Astros’ hitting coach Alex Cintron. According to Laureano, Cintron and Laureano were arguing when the coach said some words about Laureano’s mother that crossed the line. Laureano charged Cintron, who backed away behind his players like a coward, and benches cleared again. Kelly was suspended for 8 of the 60 games this season, while no Astro was punished. This caused players and fans alike to get upset over the fact that Kelly got suspended for trash-talking while none of the 2017 Astros were suspended. Laureano got off a little lighter with only a 6 game suspension while Cintron received a 20 game suspension for his actions.

The written rules have been one talk of baseball, but recently Padres’ star Fernando Tatis Jr. has been under scrutiny for breaking an unwritten rule. In a game against the Rangers, the Padres were up 10-3 in the 8th inning when Tatis Jr. was up to bat. The Rangers had a very rough night pitching and put the young star in a 3-0 count. The pitcher then threw a pitch right in the zone that Tatis Jr. took into the stands for his first career grand slam. Neither the Rangers nor the Padres’ managers were happy with Tatis Jr. The baseball world came to support Tatis Jr. because he did not need to apologize, despite being forced to, and the managers had no right to take away his joy for that moment. Many players such as Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer have shown their support for Tatis Jr. through social media telling him to “Keep swinging,” and “Keep having fun and making baseball fun.”

The MLB world is at war with Rob Manfred. The MLB commissioner has been called backward for punishing players who go after the Astros. Many players are forced to take justice into their own hands against the Astros because Manfred has danced around punishing them. Trevor Bauer has been threatened by Manfred for wanting to wear “Free Joe Kelly,” cleats. Some fans have even called for the resignation of Manfred. While the MLB season will be shortened to 60 games, there seems to still be plenty of drama and good baseball to watch.