Netflix Skyrockets as Pandemic Cases Continue to Climb

Netflix Skyrockets as Pandemic Cases Continue to Climb

Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

During the last 5 months, Hollywood has been effectively shut down as with much of the world sheltering in place. There has not been much production around the scenes for Hollywood actors, sadly. However, we have Netflix to thank for keeping all of us entertained these past few months. Netflix  released numerous  shows and content to watch while being stuck  at home. With everything being shut down, Netflix added millions of new subscribers to their network. It has become a prime resource for those forced to stay home during the pandemic. 

Netflix is one of the few companies that actually benefited from the Covid-19 outbreak. In most regions affected by the coronavirus, Netflix has seen some of its biggest gains. During the outbreak, many companies  have not been able to survive , so this is great for them. It skyrocketed and earned a total of 50 million new subscribers over the quarantine. Netflix now has over 182 million subscribers. This is the biggest growth Netflix has seen in a long time. Along with the 50 million new subscribers, Netflix  stock reached over  $180 billion dollars, putting it ahead of Disney, which has reached over $175 billion dollars. This is huge for an industry, such as Netflix, to grow that fast. 

Now, with the consistent stream of new original shows on Netflix, it has given a leg up against all other competitors and streaming services. Netflix’s biggest advantage is it’s release strategy. It releases full seasons of shows all at once, which allows people to watch even more. With them releasing full seasons and series at once, it allows for them to get very big, grow, and become even more popular than they already are. Now, with the pandemic, the numbers increased and skyrocketed along with the numbers they already had. This gave a huge pipeline and mainstream for Netflix. 

So, now that Netflix is the #1 streaming service, what’s next for them? How will they continue to grow? They will continue to produce and put out new and upcoming content for everyone to keep streaming while the pandemic continues?  Netflix has a whole line of new movies and series that are still waiting to be released and will keep all of us entertained for the next few months. As long as Netflix has an audience that is captivated, they will continue to grow and become even more popular as the pandemic ensues. Hopefully  Hollywood production will be back up and running soon and we will be able to see all the new movies, tv shows, and videos. But for now, Netflix will keep all of  us covered, entertained, and happy until that day does come.