Virtual School: Unreasonable or a Necessity?


Ethan Lopez, Staff Writer

Thousands of students in Coweta County are currently homebound under the mandate that their education must take place over computer screens and webcams in response to the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic. While some may agree that this is the safest bet for students and teachers alike, others may argue that shutting down the campus is detrimental to student mental health and their ability to process and learn in this new environment. 

As of August 19th, 2020, there have been 1,832 confirmed cases in Coweta County, less than 2% of the total population currently. Despite being very low, there is no telling how the reopening of schools will affect that count, although with so many people in one building, it is safe to assume the number may rise. But would a few extra cases outweigh the negative impact virtual school may have on students and their families? With these new implications, the school could very well see some grades drop for many students, and any family that is dependent on their children going to school during the day will face some difficulties for the upcoming weeks. 

A few suggestions have been thought about by the school board, most notably the possible implementation of hybrid school. Many believe this would be the best middle ground between virtual learning and a full reopening, as it gives students an opportunity to have an in-person education while still being safer than normal. What many people like about this is that it gives families a choice of what to do with children, rather than stripping that away from everyone. While the school board has the final say on how we go about school, ordinary students and parents like you could always let them know your opinion on how they’re handling things.