Life As We Now Know It


Mia Pierson, Staff Writer

Since March 12, 2020, I think we can all agree that our lives have been changed. Whether in your case it was good or bad, the whole globe experienced a sudden halt in their daily activities. Jobs were lost, schools were closed, and friends and family were stopped from seeing each other. There were no more social gatherings and innocent trips to the grocery store. There were no more family dinners and exciting things to do with friends. The whole world seemed to have just shut down. We all expected this to blow over in a short amount of time. Everything would go back to normal. We would go back to school in two weeks and things would re-open. A few months later, it’s now August. You can no longer be in any store without a mask. No social gatherings of over 50 people. Certain sports have been pushed back or even cancelled. You’re scared to cough or sneeze one time in public because a cough or sneeze has become abnormal. 

School was never really brought up after we got out that day. After we found out we would not be going back, school seemed to just leave everyone’s memory. I don’t know if everyone just assumed that everything would be back to normal, or if we were just so caught up in the heat of the moment that important things slipped away. Coming back to school has been a controversial issue since the beginning. Even in the start of the pandemic, getting out of school was still questionable to some people. Many people believed that the school board was overreacting regarding how school would restart. That was a questionable argument, but things have gotten even worse.  Starting back to school face-to-face would be easier for everybody. Parents have work and rely on the school to take care of their kids while they have to be gone. Kids with learning disabilities need that face to face learning time. Even kids who learn normally are struggling with online work. Not every student knows how to be their own teacher. Online school is a lot of teaching yourself and being accountable for getting everything done on time. Some kids need physical school as their motivation. Online, they just can’t receive that. 

Cases of Covid-19 in Georgia are at an all time high. Sending kids back to school would be a more reasonable choice if we could do these things: require masks, properly sanitize, and social distance properly. Without these things, going back to school should not even be an option. They won’t require mask wearing because they say it would be too much to keep up with. You can’t require me to wear a mask, but you can require a dress code? To properly sanitize, we couldn’t be at the school all five days out of the week. Some days would end up having to be online anyways. Schools in Georgia that have tried to open schools, were closed down within days. You can try to control what administrators and students do at the school, but you can’t make them follow the rules 100% of the time.   

Life as we know it has changed 180 degrees.  Whether it has been a great experience for you or a bad one, it’s been a wild ride. Hopefully in a few months, we can look back on this experience and have it be a “remember when ” moment. Until those days come, life as we know it will stay this crazy adventure that we’re still trying to learn.