The World Is a Simulation and You’re Part of It


Madison Fouty, Staff Writer

Recently, the CIA has released a document that described the world as an energy hologram simulation where astral projection is real. This information being released from the government seems like the beginning to a movie. And although the document was approved for release in 2003, very little people have been aware of this.

In the Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process document, under the “Holograms” section, the CIA gives a definition as to what the world is. “Energy creates, stores, and retrieves meaning in the universe by projecting or expanding at certain frequencies in a three dimensional mode that creates a living pattern called hologram.” This is certainly not the first time a statement like this has been made. Dating back to the 1990s, many physicists have suggested that our reality is like 3D projection of a two dimensional universe. This two dimensional universe is the “astral plane,” which allows you to traverse every dimension with intent. However, you must use astral projection to get to the two dimensional universe. 

Astral projection was also mentioned in the documents under the section “Intervening Dimensions.” The goal of astral projection is to take your consciousness from your body, so you are now in this “astral body” that allows you to travel through every dimension. This section starts by describing how astral projection is possible by stating, “Since the Absolute is conscious energy in infinity, it occupies every dimension to include the time-space dimension in which our physical existence but we cannot perceive it.” This section then proceeds to share how it’s possible to detach the conscious from the body and how it would benefit you. According to the CIA, when we astral project, it “sets the stage for perception of non-time-space dimensions.” This ultimately means that you would enter an immense state of peace. You can find depictions of our consciousness and what the “Absolute” is in the images below, which were taken directly from the analysis.

While this is all very intricate and shocking information, it’s not new. Much research has been put into this theory and idea over the last 30 years, but it is only now being talked about due to a viral TikTok. Elijah Daniel, a young rapper, posted a TikTok about his thoughts on the world while he showed the documents and provided a link to them. This resulted in thousands of teens and young adults making Tikoks and tweeting about the documents, leaving them wondering what’s real and what’s not. The newly found information has now become a trend on the viral app with many kids saying they are “not part of the simulation.” Some people have also even attempted astral projection and ran to the app to summarize their experience for others. Many of these people remain okay; nevertheless, it is extremely important that you must know what you’re doing.

Overall, people seem to be somewhat okay with the fact that we’re living in an energy  hologram situation. Teens have already come up with new theories related to the contents in these released documents. Many physicists have been and will remain researching the theory for many years to come. On top of all this, a multitude of people are now venturing to and traversing the astral plane. Everyone seems to have their own unique perspective on this theory and how they deal with it.