The Newnan Police Department Investigates White Vans Approaching Children


Emma Trinh, Staff Writer

There have been reports of white vans going near kids in Newnan, Georgia. So far there has not been any reports of abductions, but Newnan Police Department are investigating the situation . They believe there is no need to panic, but they are warning families to keep an eye on their children. 

An incident was reported on November 11th when a 16 year old was walking to school. A white van approached her and stopped. The black male inside the van rolled down the window and asked her where the nearest gas station was. She answered him and walked away. The man proceeded to to get out of the car and tell the girl to “Come here.” The girl dropped her bag and started running. She made it to school safely; however, she is now scared to leave her home. There was another encounter later that same day, but with an 11 year old boy. The boy got off the bus and the white van was just sitting there. The person in the van also told him to “Come here.” The boy started running away from the van. 

Lieutenant Washington believes that the cases are probably not related because one van was reported to have windows and the other did not. Also, one of the vans had a big lock on the back of it. Newnan Police posted a warning on Facebook to warn the families and asked them not to panic. The police are saying to always be aware of your surroundings, and if you see any white vans or people acting suspicious to call 911 immediately.