Teen Opens Her Mosque to Students Fleeing A School Shooting


Bella Trimmer, Staff Writer

Seventeen year-old Duaa was in her AP Literature class at Oshkosh West High School on December 3rd when she heard what she thought was a door slamming shut. When her teacher realized it was actually the sound of a gunshot, she reportedly urged one of her students to call 911 while she got them out of the classroom. That’s when one of Duaa’s peers suggested that the class could take shelter at the mosque across the street. 

Duaa is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Oshkosh chapter mosque, which has its doors locked with a code all members know. Duaa rushed to unlocked the doors and get as many of her terrified classmates to safety as possible. Duaa’s father, Saad Ahmad, is the financial secretary at the mosque; as soon as he was informed of the situation, he immediately made his way to the mosque to assist his daughter. The mosque sheltered about one hundred students until they could be reunited with their parents. 

The Oshkosh Ahmadiyya Muslims Facebook Group praised Duaa for her actions, ending with the sentiment “our doors are always open.”