Christmas Pup Photo Goes Viral


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

Two Canadian dogs have taken the internet by storm after their owners shared a hilarious image of the twos’ annual holiday photoshoot that shows one of the dogs beaming at the camera, while the other looks close to tears. 

The owners posted a photo of their adorable dogs on Twitter, not knowing it would take the media by storm. In the photo, both dogs can be seen sitting in front of a backdrop, while fake snow falls upon their little heads. But despite the happy and festive surroundings, only one of the dogs seems to be enjoying himself, posing for the camera with a face full of excitement, while the other not so much. In the photo, the other pup is staring miserably into the distance, looking away from the camera with a truly devastated expression on its face. It looks to be like the little pup is having an “existential crisis.” Unsurprisingly, it did not take long for the photo of the two pups to blow up on social media, with the post racking up over 175,000 retweets in a matter of days and over 800,000 likes just on one social media platform. With all the likes, comments, and shares, these two little pups became internet sensations in just a few short days. 

I think we can all say that both pups are adorable and we’ve all at least have had a day like both furry friends in the picture.