Another Memorable Iron Bowl


Brooke Jordan, Staff Writer

On November 28, in-state rivals the University of Alabama and the University of Auburn played against each other the wild 84th annual Iron Bowl.  Alabama’s starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was taken off the field after dislocating his hip the previous week in a game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Both teams played incredibly well and fought hard against each other. The back-and-forth offensive slugfest  ended with a game-tying field goal from Alabama, clanking off the left upright corner of the goal. This missed field goal left the Auburn Tigers with a mesmerizing and memorable win.

This 48-45 victory for Auburn knocks the 5th ranked Alabama down to 9th and out of the college football playoffs. After winning, Auburn fans rushed onto the field creating a flash mob around their beloved team. This is the first time a Saban coached team has given up 48 points in a game since 1999. The Crimson Tide likely will still make a New Year’s Day 6 Bowl, but this will be the first time that Saban coaches a team in the Playoff era and not get through. The Crimson Tide did not have a championship-caliber unit on their defensive side of the ball and was defeated by the now 11th ranked Auburn Tigers.