Clark Atlanta Student Found Dead


Ally Hannan, Staff Writer

A Clark Atlanta student, Alexis Crawford, was found dead on Friday November 8th. Leading up to her death, Crawford had filed a police report against Barron Brantley, her roommate’s boyfriend, after he allegedly assaulted her on October 26th. Crawford told her friends that she didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in her own room following the incident; as a result, she had been sleeping in the living room on the couch. 

October 30th is when Crawford’s family last heard from her. Her sister, Alexandria Crawford, told police she had texted her that night at 8:45 p.m. The texts read, “What are you doing for the weekend?” Crawford responded with, “Nothing.” After the message exchanges between Alexis and her family, she did not respond to any more that night. 

Jordyn Jones and Crawford went to a liquor store later on that evening. They had previously not been on speaking terms since the allegations against her boyfriend. The following morning, Jones left for class and Crawford wasn’t in the apartment. On November 1st, Crawford’s family reported her missing after she had not been responding to any messages or calls.

 Police started an investigation and found out after returning that night from the liquor store, Crawford and Jones had gotten into a physical fight in their apartment.  Brantley got involved in the altercation and choked Crawford until she was deceased. Afterwards, Jones and Brantley put Alexis Crawford in a plastic bin and placed her body at Exchange Park in Decatur, Ga. Jones told police she didn’t know where Crawford was. On November 8th, Brantley confessed to police that he had choked and killed her. Later on her body was found. 

Crawford’s family spoke highly of Jones as the two were “two peas in a pod.” Jones even joined Crawford’s family for Easter and Thanksgiving, so this came as a surprise to all. Students of Clark Atlanta University are upset and shocked by the incident. One student even said, “I don’t feel safe, so I don’t want to be out around campus anymore, and it also makes you think about who your friends are.”