“Pony Album- 10/10”


Lauren Vanden Heuvel, Staff Writer

To start with a personal note: I listen to music almost every minute I’m awake, whether it’s through my Airpods, a car speaker, the radio in my kitchen, or the record player in my room. Music has been a momentous part of my life, as it shapes who I am and helps me deal with stressful events in my life. Recently, I’ve been listening to Rex Orange County’s newest album, “Pony,” and honestly, my breath was taken away.

Alex O’Connor, better known as the stage name, “Rex Orange County,” released his third album past October called “Pony.” This album consists of profane, yet beautiful lyrics, with matching chords and instrumentals. The songs were based on his journey through a dark time in his life, resulting in melancholic songs with a nostalgic yet hopeful undertone in his 10-song album. The article “Album Review: Rex Orange County deserves 10/10 rating for ‘Pony’” explains that, “the buoyant beat masks the dismal lyrics” (Hume 4). Though somewhat somber, O’Connor pairs these lyrics with fitting instrumentals, making a warm tone to his songs. His songs shows his, “individuality and talent in different ways on every track” (Hume 3). 

His songs are real, with emotions felt by everyone, not just a portion of people. In “Laser Lights,” track 3 on the album, he describes his feelings, singing, “[he] could never commit to [anyone]/I’m too fond of my freedom.” Lyrics as real and soothing as honey combined with soft chords and piano showcase his talent perfectly. In “Pluto Projector,” he showcases his internal struggle, singing, “[he doesn’t] think [he’s] meant to understand [himself].” Every listener can relate to at least one of his songs on his album, making his album so universal for everyone. The title of track 1 on his album perfectly describes this album, “10/10.”