Week 9 of Georgia Tech Football


Abby Glover, Staff Writer

Week nine of college football kicks off in Downtown Atlanta as the Yellow Jackets welcome the Virginia Cavaliers. Virginia was prepared to add another win to their already six wins. That’s exactly what happened.  Georgia Tech just can’t seem to win these days, but don’t count this team out. They have 18 freshman on their team, and once they get the hang of their new coaching and playing patterns, this team is going to be electric. But, for now, let’s recall the events that lead to the Cavaliers win.

The first quarter was full of lots of points on the board. Both teams were able to put 14 points. It was a very impressive performance from both teams. As the second quarter began, things started to slow down. It wasn’t as fun as the first quarter. Georgia Tech scores another touchdown before Virginia puts 10 on the board. As half time began, the score was 21-24 in favor of the Cavaliers. 

The second half of the game begins. No points were scored in the third quarter; however, that doesn’t mean there weren’t opportunities for both teams to add to their score. In the fourth quarter, Georgia Tech makes a touchdown gaining the lead. There’s only three minutes on the clock. Virginia made it a close game. They were set up for a field goal. If they made it, it only made their chances of victory that much higher.  The ball went through the middle of the uprights making the Virginia Cavaliers the victors, The final score was 28-33.