Week Seven of Georgia Tech College Football


Abby Glover, Staff Writer

Desperate to get out of their losing slump, Georgia Tech made the journey down to Miami to play the Hurricanes. No one expected this game to be in Georgia Tech’s favor, or even be a close game. Week seven was an incredible game for Jacket fans, but not so much for the Miami natives. 

The first quarter starts with Tech getting the ball. They have to punt the ball after fourth down is reached. Miami responds with charging all the way to the end zone. Just as you think the first points will belong to Miami, the ball pops out of the pile, with Georgia Tech recovering the ball for a touchdown. The game went back and forth.  Miami scored twice before the Jackets scored again before the second quarter began. 

The score going into the second quarter of the first half was 14-14. Both teams did really well defensively making the score 21-21 by the time halftime was upon them. Once halftime was over, the Hurricanes started with the ball. Unfortunately, for both teams, all of their chances to get more points on the board went for not. That’s partially because the Hurricanes kicker missed a total of four kicks in the game.

The game went into overtime. Tech scored a touchdown. Miami went to do the same but came up short of the first down by inches. . Tech pulled out the victory 28-21. Next week the Jackets face against Pitt who is currently 5-2 while Tech is 2-5.