First Ever World Series Title for the Washington Nationals!


Abby Glover, Staff Writer

The postseason is officially over, making the 150th year in Major League Baseball complete. The Washington Nationals were crowned World Series champs after outlasting the Houston Astros in a long and exciting seven game series. Now, the interesting thing is, the Nats weren’t even the leaders in their division, but the wild card team when they played against the Milwaukee Brewers. They fought their way to the top, playing the Dodgers in the National League Divisional Series. Moving forward in the postseason, the Nats played the St. Louis Cardinals, who knocked the Atlanta Braves out of the competition just the night before. 

The Nationals swept the Cardinals, which just blew my mind because the Braves seemed to really struggle against them. I guess the Cards, just like the Braves, couldn’t fight to see another game. In the American League Divisional Series, The Houston Astros played against the Tampa Bay Rays. They won two straight, with a possible sweep in the third game, but the Rays wouldn’t go down without fighting. They won the next two games before the Astros finally overcame them. 

The Astros moved on to the ALCS against the New York Yankees. The Yankees won the first game. This made Houston rethink some things. Whatever they did, it worked, because they won the next three straight games. This was guaranteeing a spot for them if they pulled out one more victory. The Yankees, however won game five. In Game six, Houston came out on top, to go head to head against the Nationals. The Nats hadn’t ever been to the World Series, so, for them to win, it was pretty incredible. 

The first two games were held at Minute Maid Park in Houston. The Nationals won both of those games. They went to Nationals Park to play the next three games. Unfortunately for the Nats, they didn’t win a single game in their home stadium. Game’s six and Seven were played at Minute Maid Park. The Astros didn’t win any games in their stadium either. That means that the Nationals won it all. Your 2019 World Series champs are the Washington Nationals!