Teen Pleads Guilty to Feticide and Murder


Mahle Gangi, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Indiana teen  Aaron Trejo pled guilty to one count of feticide and one count of murder. The plea came following a deal with the D.A. The victims were Trejo’s girlfriend who was pregnant with their child.

Though he pled guilty on Wednesday, he confessed last December to brutally stabbing the cheerleader in the heart and disposing of the body in a dumpster. Trejo admits that he killed his girlfriend, Breana Rouhselang, because it was too late for the couple to have an abortion. He claims that neither party wanted to have the child. 

Trejo’s deal grants him immunity from any other charges by double jeopardy. He was charged as an adult for one count of feticide and one count of murder, for which he is facing 45-81 years. The investigation remains open with a sentencing hearing scheduled on January 7, 2020.