The Blob


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

The Paris Zoo has recently added a new member to its collection. It’s been aptly named ‘the blob.’ It is yellow in color and has been recorded to be able to travel at 4 cm per hour. It has the ability to heal itself after being cut in half and can solve problems despite not having a brain. It is estimated to be around a billion years old. It can split into multiple beings and then fuse back together, not to mention, it isn’t confined to just two genders, in fact it has 720.

The blob’s first appearance was in 2016, when a Texas woman sounded the alarm that there was a huge yellow blob rapidly overtaking her yard. After that, it died, just as quickly as it had appeared. It is nearly immortal; however, it’s environment has to be perfect, with a temperature range of 66-70 degrees fahrenheit, and almost 100% humidity. Its weakness is light and drought. It can also hibernate for several years if threatened. It goes on display at the Paris zoo on October 19th, as part of a new exhibit.