Family Found Waiting for the End of Time After 9 Years


Mahle Gangi, Staff Writer

Last week, a young man walked into a bar in the village of Ruinerwold and ordered a beer. This may sound like the set up for a boring joke, but the punchline was far more chilling than what local authorities may have initially thought. The man, whose identity is remaining anonymous, told the staff at the bar that he needed help because he was concerned about his family’s living conditions. When authorities showed up to the given address, they found a 58-year-old man and six others aged 18-25. The young adults were living in a small, hidden space in the house that according to police, “could be locked but wasn’t a basement.”

Dutch police believe that the 7 found on the farm, who all claim to be family, could have been isolated to the farm for a decade. It is currently unknown whether their isolation was the result of radicalized religion or cult beliefs, but police do believe that the six young adults were being held against their wills. They believe that the young man who reported his family’s isolation at the bar is the oldest sibling and was able to escape from the farm they were held at. It is currently unclear, but reports say that the young adults believed they were the last people on Earth and were waiting for “the end of time.”

The 58-year-old man was arrested for suspected involvement in the “deprivation of liberty and harming the health of others.” As of Thursday, a 67-year-old man was detained on the same charges and is suspected to be a co-perpetrator in the isolation of the six young adults. All six adults are now in safe conditions and are receiving the proper care and rehabilitation after their traumatic 9 years alone.