Is the iPhone 11 the Best Apple Can Produce?


Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

With Apple’s release of three new phones, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, there’s been a huge argument that the new line of devices aren’t really upgrades at all. Their reasons vary from the only major change being the camera to there still being a notch. I, personally, don’t agree with this. I believe that the change from the iPhone XS to the iPhone 11 series isn’t just an upgrade. I believe it’s more. It’s a signal for change. When Apple released the iPhone X in 2017, it was the biggest step in mobile technological advancements since the original iPhone. The original iPhone was what started it all. You may be thinking, what does that have anything to do with my argument? Well, think about it in revolutionary terms. The first iPhone, the iPhone 2G was revolutionary in being the first, mainstream smartphone. It sparked off what was to be a new era for technology. They did it again with almost every iPhone release, but no release was as big as the iPhone X. It, again, started a revolution. A revolution in screens, more specifically. Apple started the popularity of widescreen, bezel-less phones. In 2018, Apple released the iPhone XS, a minor, subtle upgrade from the iPhone X. 

Now, fast forward a year or so, and Apple has announced the iPhone 11. Complaints are that there is no major upgrade from the previous year’s model. However, there is a lot that has changed. An all-new, never before seen, triple-lens, ultrawide camera system was added. An A13 Bionic Chip was added, which is twice as fast as the A12 Bionic Chip (which is still faster than any Android or Samsung Snapdragon chip). There are so many more features, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to discuss the outer change. I’m here to discuss the huge change which Apple would never reveal. I’m here to discuss the change, that means there will be no change very soon. All this may be very confusing, but here it is in more simple terms. 

Apple is in a tough spot, along with all other phone companies. Technology has advanced so far over the years that it’s hard, almost impossible, to revolutionize phones again. HOW are you supposed to top a bezel-less, 5G ultra-speed, triple-lens camera phone? My point isn’t that the iPhone 11 set is a revolutionary set. My point is that the idea of the iPhone 11 set is the change the phone world received. Phones are so advanced that Apple, or Samsung, or Android cannot top themselves at this point. They pushed themselves to the top. To the point of no return. To a point where they are at such a huge standstill, only because they wanted to do better. So, until we get some new piece of technology that lets you hologram your phone or implant it in your brain or something, we won’t be as impressed  as we were with the iPhone X, or the iPhone 2G, or any top tier phone for that matter. So I’m advising you to not expect something revolutionary in the upcoming years of phones. That’s why the iPhone 11 set isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a sign of change. A sign of change, that hints towards no more change. For a few more years at least.