Heisman University


Turner Keck, Staff Writer

Every season a debate sparks over who is DBU or QBU in college football. Typically people establish that LSU is considered to be the best college football team for defensive backs, while other teams exceed expectations in other positions. One thing that hasn’t been considered is who is Heisman U. Alabama would seem like the obvious answer with consistent Heisman talent, but Oklahoma is on pace to produce their third straight Heisman winner. 

Last year, Oklahoma made the CFB playoffs behind Heisman winner Kyler Murray. The year before, Oklahoma made the playoffs again behind Heisman winner Baker Mayfield. Both QBs are NFL Starters and number one overall picks. Mayfield and Murray were unable to produce a win in the playoffs, but this year the Sooners hope to change that. This season, the Sooners have a new signal-caller.

Jalen Hurts is an Alabama transfer and current QB for the Sooners. Hurts has 880 passing yards and 9 passing touchdowns while throwing 0 interceptions. He has only thrown 12 incomplete passes. He has also rushed for 373 yards and four touchdowns. If he wins the Heisman this season, then Oklahoma will have the record for most consecutive Heisman winners.