Little Green Army Women


Imani Githae, Staff Writer

In recent years, feminism has taken the world by storm, becoming the most influential “new trend.” Families are starting to teach their daughters how to stand up for themselves, that they are equal to men, and that representation matters, no matter what anyone says. 

  Since the 1930s, “little green army men” have been representing the infantry army soldiers, bringing awareness to the brave men that go and give their lives for our country. Women have been allowed to enlist since 1948. However, there has never been “little green army women.” 6-year old Vivian Lord noticed and was tired of never seeing army women on the toy shelves. What can a 6-year-old do about this, you might ask? Send a letter of course! The first-grader from Arkansas sent a letter to the maker of these toys and simply asked: “Why don’t you make girl army men?” Jeff Imal, the president of the toy company saw Vivian’s letter and took action. 

  A detailed drawing and a few rough sketches later, and Imal was finally ready to hire a sculptor and make this 6-year old’s dream a reality. The reaction was very positive and many women took to Twitter to express their appreciation: 

“I’m currently in the Army, my husband currently is not, and now I can buy my kids toys that actually represent *me* when I have to be away from them.” 

— Lethality Jane (@sgtjanedoe) September 11, 2019

“I love this! Being a female veteran…. This speaks volumes” 

-Sharonv_Vetbook (@SharonV2001) September 15, 2019 

Imel promises to have them out by December of 2020;many women and girls around the world are looking forward to getting their hands on the new toy. Vivian can’t believe how much of an impact her letter had on everyone. She expresses in an interview that it just “made her so happy!”