Newnan Lofts


Lilly Kirk, Staff Writer

In 1889, a cotton mill opened on Field Street, just east of downtown. The mill consisted of many buildings for the different production processes and provided housing for the workers who were mostly children from ages ranging 9-13. Fast-forward to the 1960s, the mill was used for storage and continued to function as simply a warehouse until 1995. Upon renovation, 145 unique lofts were developed from the mill.

Several past and current residents of the Newnan Lofts suggest the buildings are haunted. Many claim to hear footsteps running through the halls, slamming doors, and children’s laughter. Pets bark or scratch at doors leading to empty rooms or closets. Most all paranormal experiences posted online include televisions or other electronic devices turning back on after being powered off.

Some even claim to have seen children wandering the property. An online blogger, Kevin, shared his experience with the lofts: “When I was growing up, my grandparents lived in the house right above what is now Newnan lofts. They lived in the house that is on the very end of the hill that is in front of the building. We used to see a girl in a yellow dress gliding around the outside. She has noticed me looking before and stopped and looked at me. She very much knows she’s dead.” Kevin and his brother visited the lofts years later and shared his sighting of the girl in the yellow dress with the woman showing them around. “She froze in her steps and turned at us with a shocked look. She told us that she was getting complaints from parents that a woman in a yellow dress was keeping their kids awake at night.”

Unfortunately, I was unable to explore the Newnan Loft property past the entrance as there were many signs warning trespassers of prosecution. The electrical disturbances could be explained as simply old wiring (the buildings are 120 years old). This case will remain a mystery until I am given permission to investigate buildings or interview residents. I remain skeptical of many of the blog posts online. Until someone comes forward with physical evidence of these hauntings, the Newnan Lofts will be considered unsolved.