Georgia’s Win Against Notre Dame Advances Their Chances


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 21st, in Athens, No. 3 Georgia fans witnessed a defensive-led second half comeback as the Bulldogs held on to beat No. 7 Notre Dame, 23-7. 

The Georgia and Notre Dame game was a close game that went back and forth between the two teams. Notre Dame scored a touchdown first, and then Georgia followed with one of their own . Georgia was leading at halftime 13-10 and then the game ultimately ended with another Georgia win. 

This close win is what might be the best case scenario for coach Kirby Smart and his Georgia Bulldogs. A tense game like this will pay benefits for the Bulldogs down the road in this regular SEC season, as well as potential SEC championship and College Football Playoff games. 

Now that Georgia won against Notre Dame in last Saturday night’s game, their chances of going to the big, College Football Playoffs, have skyrocketed to 49%, and before the Notre Dame game there was a 41% chance of them getting to the SEC championship. 

The Georgia Bulldogs, now going into their 5th week of the season against The University of Tennessee are ready and preparing to hopefully achieve their goal of getting to the top.