Smart Phones: Good or Bad?

Smart Phones: Good or Bad?

Lilly Kirk, Staff Writer

There’s something addictive about scrolling through social media platforms, playing games, or even seeing a text notification pop up on your phone screen.

With today’s modern technology advancing daily, many have come to question whether smartphones are actually creating a beneficial impact on society; concerns have arisen particularly among teenagers. According to Common Sense Media, teens spend an average of a whopping nine hours on the phone daily.

22 of the 32 students that I surveyed at Northgate High School agreed that they are indeed addicted to their phones. 10 students denied the idea of being dependent on their smartphone, but more than half of them had above 7 hours of a daily average screen time.

National surveys report that teenagers are showing more signs of anxiety than ever before. Depression and suicide rates among adolescence have dramatically increased following the invention of the smart phone. The World Health Organization states that suicide was “the second leading cause of death among people 15-29 years-old globally in 2016”, which is also the year several social media platforms took off.

Cyber bullying often triggers adolescent suicides, making bullying through social media the preferred form of bullying because perpetrators can hide behind a screen.

So, again, the question arises: are smartphones really making an improvement on our lives or creating more problems?