Servier is Being Held Responsible for Their Actions


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

The trial over the weight loss drug that may have led to a whole slew of deaths has begun in France. There are 25 defendants and 2,600 plaintiffs. The drug was released in the 70’s and was advertised as a type 2 diabetes drug that was supposed to help with weight loss. It was sold in France for 30+ years before the sale of it was banned for the awful side effects. Mediator, the drug in question, had some very negative side effects. It ended up causing Pulmonary Hypertension, which is high blood pressure in the vessels that supply the lungs and the heart. This led to heart attacks and cardiac arrest in some patients, which then resulted in death in most cases. Servier, the pharmacy that created and sold the drug, is being accused of fraud, manslaughter, and deceit, among other things. 

Among the defendants, besides Servier, is France’s Drug Watchdog, The French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety, and a senator. It is estimated that Mediator is responsible for 2,000 deaths. The trial is really going to examine why the drug was available so long if it was known that people were dying from complications directly related to the side effects. Prosecutors hope that this trial will serve as a reminder to other companies that if they want to sweep the deadly side effects under the rug, then later there will be major consequences, and that no one, no matter the position is untouchable.