Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Married, Again


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin said “I do” for the second time on Monday night, September 30th, in South Carolina. 

It was a little more than over a year ago when the couple tied the knot in New York, at the courthouse in New York City. Now, they celebrated in front of friends and family Monday evening. They exchanged vows and showed off their Tiffany wedding bands as the sun set in Bluffton, South Carolina. 

They celebrated their marriage in front of 150 guests with an all-out ceremony and reception. For the occasion, which fell after the first anniversary of their courthouse marriage, Bieber wore the classic black suit with a white shirt and a black bow tie, and a new freshly cut hair-do. Baldwin wore a white off-the-shoulder gown, she also wore a beaded headband with a tulle veil. Following the gorgeous ceremony, guests were taken to the cocktail after-party before the formal reception, which was paired with a fancy dinner. 

Bieber and Baldwin, now married and a happy couple shared their full wedding get-up on Instagram and other social media accounts, and other images of the night, which included pictures of the two in a cute little photo booth making their wedding known to fans. The newly wed couple are now officially ready for their future together and their happily ever after.