The State of Nintendo

The State of Nintendo

Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

In the past few years, one gaming company has been tackling consumer loyalty in a wild way. Nintendo released Miitomo in 2016 which was their first solely mobile-based game. The reviews were mediocre. The game wasn’t very good. Nintendo quickly patched up their huge mistake by releasing a hugely successful game, Super Mario Run. Though the game wasn’t entirely free, it was widely accredited as a hit game by critics and fans. It kept the feels of the original Mario platformer games, but also added several mobile-exclusive features which gave it a modern touch. This game was only the first in a huge step for gaming for the Japanese company.

After the Switch’s release in 2017, Nintendo was sort of in a tight space. They were lagging behind on the console wars as the PS4 and the Xbox One had been released many years before. Not many people had faith in the Switch because of its letdown of a predecessor, the Wii U. The Switch proved to be a great console though, as it sold many units in only a few weeks. It was a huge success. The only issue was that Nintendo wanted more sales. They decided to release many more mobile games to persuade users to buy the Switch. They added huge rewards for the mobile games if you owned a Switch. Also, mobile games are easy to play and you have them with you at almost all times, meaning many people could be persuaded to buy a Switch. 

Two  years after the release of the Switch, Nintendo is still making mobile games. The first of which was released this past summer, Dr. Mario World. It took on an aspect of the Candy Crush series but added Dr. Mario elements to it. The game was rather successful, but the fans wanted more and Nintendo delivered. Just a week ago, the immensely popular, Mario Kart Tour was released. Mario Kart has always been a huge part of Nintendo’s series. Through all of the consoles Nintendo has released, there’s always been an iteration of Mario Kart. Mario Kart Tour proved to be a huge hit, possibly even Nintendo’s most popular mobile game ever. The game was so popular that the servers had to be shut down for the first day of the launch of the game because of the hundreds of thousands of requests to play on the servers. 

As Nintendo is introducing more and more mobile games, they are appealing to a different crowd, a crowd to which is more easily accessible. That way, Nintendo can make more money, while still delivering fantastic games to fans, even without their lead console. With the release of Mario Kart Tour and its huge success, it makes you wonder, Can  Nintendo release an iteration of Super Smash Bros for their mobile side of things? What about a version of a Zelda game? There are endless possibilities and they seem more and more likely by the day.