Drone Catches 17-Year Fugitive in China


Mahle Gangi, Staff Writer

On October 1, police in China arrested Song Jiang, a 63-year-old fugitive. He was caught after a drone found him living in a cave in secluded mountains. Song had successfully evaded arrest for 17 years before the Chinese police were able to capture him this Tuesday. 

Song was arrested and imprisoned for the abduction and human trafficking of women and children. He was placed in a labor camp in Sichuan. Sichuan is China’s southwestern province and he escaped in 2002 to a cave that was located near his hometown in Yunnan. 

Police received prior tips about Song’s whereabouts, but their efforts were fruitless because of the complex terrain they were investigating. After their failed attempts, they launched a drone to search the mountains and finally found success. The Chinese police force sent three search teams into the mountains to track Song to the exact location provided by the drone. Sources reported that once he was captured, Song struggled to respond during interrogation because he had not verbally communicated in years.