Coach Zachry: One of Northgate’s Beloved History Teachers


Lilly Kirk, Staff Writer

Meet Coach Zachry, Northgate’s favorite U.S. History teacher and biggest comic book collector.

Coach Zachry has been a well known teacher at Northgate for six years. Many former and current students know him as the ultimate king of dad jokes and the only teacher with the ability to make history fun.

Zachry states that he lived a happy childhood in West Point, Georgia. He was active in his youth group and eventually earned the respected rank of Eagle Scout as a Boy Scout. Zachry had nothing to complain about regarding hardships other than one event: “My dog got ran over when I was 8 years old on my birthday. That’s kind of a major childhood event there.”

After high school, Zachry pursued his college career at Georgia Southern, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in social science and later graduated from Auburn with a master’s. Upon moving to Newnan in 1997, Zachry began teaching history classes to middle and high schoolers. “This is my 23rd year teaching,” he says.

Expressing his love for his 80’s pop rock and weather channel/elevator music, Zachry keeps his classes interesting, even when having to teach about the Gilded Age. The beginning of the semester starts with several entertaining acts where students are used as historical figures. His Twitter page carries videos of his classes acting out the Boston Massacre and The Battle of Bunker Hill.

Zachry spends his free time watching college football, Nascar, and collecting comics. Coach Zachry prides himself in his comic book collection of over 12,000, which he has been working on since 1984! According to him, however, “…that’s honestly pretty small compared to other people’s collections.” Zachry also loves to travel whenever the opportunity arises. Being a Civil War geek, his notes consist of pictures from several summer adventures the Zachry family take, including famous Civil War houses, battle sights, and monuments.

Today, Coach Zachry is very active at Central Baptist Church, The Boy Scouts of America, and Northgate football. He proudly states,  “I help out with the football team trainer on Friday nights.” Coach is well known for dedicating time not only to his family and friends, but also his students of Northgate High School.