Tim Tebow Speaks Out Against Compensation for College Athletes


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

Tim Tebow, a college football analyst and a former Heisman Trophy winner, spoke out Friday against athletes’ quest for compensation, saying it will diminish college sports. Tebow says that paying student athletes will turn the NCAA into another NFL, and it will become all about the money. 

California’s State Senate approved a bill that sparked the controversy. The bill will allow college athletes to be paid for use of their names, and their images. 

The former University of Florida quarterback tells his fanbase and others that it shouldn’t be about the money, and that when he played at Florida he did not want any money. In fact, he was motivated to play the game of football and respected the idea of playing for a huge university. He believes the bill will take away the focus from the teams, the hype of college football, and the fan based game days we all know and love, and focus it more toward money in college football. 

Tebow was very animated while discussing his beliefs on the topic, so clearly that you could say he is pretty passionate about it. He undoubtedly believes that college athletics should be about the team and the university, not just about the individual.