The Newest Viking


Camryn Pollard, Staff Writer

Mr. Reeves is one of the newest additions to the Viking staff. He is a World History and American Government teacher located at the end of 100 South. Mr. Reeves is also the assistant coach for Cross Country and the head coach for track. His personal motto is, “Don’t worry about being the best at everything, just worry about being the best at who you are.”

Mr. Reeves’ interests include: world history, education, and video games. “I’m interested in education both as a learning experience for the students and for me. When the students come to their own conclusions, it teaches me something I didn’t know before.” Mr. Reeves enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling, and reading. Mr. Reeves ran Cross Country in high school and was the region champion in the mile.

Mr. Reeves was born in Oklahoma and raised in Peachtree city. His father passed away when he was only thirteen. He says that it taught him a lot about responsibility and sacrifice as he had to step up to help his mom. He had to take on a lot of roles that his father formerly held and he said this contributed to his strong work ethic. He went to McIntosh High School. His high school cross country coach became a father figure that taught him a lot. He attended Columbia State University where he met his wife, who is from Belize. He says, “I got to marry my absolute best friend. I don’t think I could’ve lucked out more.” She exposed him to another culture and he acknowledges meeting her extended family as an “eye opener.” He says that it was nice to see things from other perspectives.

Mr. Reeves gives the advice of: “Amidst all of the hard work, enjoy the process. You’ll get there in time.”