Meet One of Northgate’s Art Teachers: Cali Greiner


Brooke Jordan, Staff Writer

Have you ever accidentally ran into your teacher at the grocery store or another public setting? Most people feel awkward when this happens to them. No one ever wonders what the custodian, lunch lady, bookkeeper, or ordinary teacher do outside of their school campus. This is why I decided to interview one of the art teachers at Northgate High School. 

Cali Greiner was born and raised in Newnan as the middle child between her two sisters. Ms. Greiner feels like she was treated differently as a middle child and claimed, “I’m not the first or last to do things.” Ms. Greiner is from a bigger family with lots of cousins on her dad’s side, but a smaller family on her moms’ side. As a child, Ms. Greiner loved having sisters to play with and a close group of friends on the street she grew up with. She did not have to move out of Newnan as a child, making it easier to stay close with friends she lived by. Growing up in Newnan, Mrs. Greiner attended White Oak Elementary School, Arnall Middle school, and East Coweta High School. After high school, she studied at Gordon State College and the University of West Georgia. 

Cali Greiner now works at Northgate High School as an art teacher and Cali Greiner Arts an art instructor. Some of Ms. Greiner’s investments in school are being the head coach for sideline cheer, the advisor for the ambassador program, and being in the art department. She explained how the art department eats lunch in her room every day, a chance for the department to connect every day. She explained, “I just put these brushes there for Mr. Almand and he just pushed them out of the way and didn’t even take them,” evidence that she and her co-workers are constantly having fun and picking on each other. Her favorite form of art to create is watercolor portraits, but loves to assign mandals to her students, “Cause it involves painting haha.” Ms. Greiner loves teaching art at Northgate even though she attended highschool of East Coweta.

Ms. Greiner says she has become an overachiever because she is a new homeowner, was on the Dean’s list in college, and was a part of the faculty-student art show in college. Ms. Greiner believes she got to where she is now by 100% perseverance. She claims, “I never gave up, no matter how hard things got. Because they got hard.” In life, Ms. Greiner was most positively affected by her mother. Some advise her mom gave her was to always stay who are, and always reassured her how proud she is of her. Ms. Greiner would describe herself as grateful and gives service to local orphanages once a year. 

Ms. Greiner has an interest in anything outdoors, hanging out with her friends or family, and loves to travel. Her favorite food is Japanese food, and her favorite sport is football. Ms. Greiner’s favorite college team is the University of Georgia, and her favorite NFL team is the Falcons. When asked if she had any other things to say about herself or her interest she claimed, “GO BRAVES”. 

I loved speaking with and getting to know Ms. Greiner. She presents herself as a strong person with lots of willpower and determination to succeed. She is a very loving person and has the kindest of souls. This experience has taught me to understand that teachers are human. When I am not at school, neither are they. They go shopping where I go shopping, and they face problems too. Teachers are human just like students and neither should not be looked too as anything else.