Apple’s Upcoming Announcements


Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

Apple’s biggest reveal of the year was on September 10th, around 2 p.m. Eastern Time. Over the past year, many clones of the upcoming iPhones have been produced. Apple usually never leaks information themselves, but the market for clones is usually based in China, where 90% of iPhones are produced. Clones over the past few years have been super accurate and it is expected for the 2019 iPhones to do the same. There have been names assigned to the new iPhones also. The star of the show would be the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It would be followed up by the iPhone 11 Pro and then the iPhone 11. There’s even a chance a fourth iPhone is introduced, the iPhone 11 R. All of the phones will have a triple-lens rear camera which enables wide lens functions. There’s also a rumor that the iPhones will let you charge your airpods or any Apple device with wireless charging, on the back of the iPhone. There will be a new chip announced for the iPhone 11 set, which is suspected to be the A13 Bionic chip. There’s also a chance the new iPhones will change from lightning adapters to a faster USB-C adapter. 

The iPhones won’t be the only things shown in the Keynote though. There’s a chance Apple introduces a few new iPads, or possibly an updated Mac. iOS 13’s official build release will be previewed at the show and it has many users excited for its new features, which include but are not limited to, a dark mode for iOS apps and a robocall blocker.

Apple released a motto for this keynote. By Innovation Only. Whatever happens at this keynote, let’s just hope that it holds true to its motto.