22 Years of Pokemon: Ash Ketchum’s Long Awaited Win


Emily Ray, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever been, or currently are, a fan of the Pokemon series, you’re going to want to keep reading.

After 22 seasons, one each year, Ash Ketchum, the main protagonist of the Pokemon series, finally wins a Pokemon League, making him an official Pokemon Master. Over two decades in the making and six failed attempts later, he finally manages to land in the first place of the Aloha region.

If you have no idea what Pokemon is, or why this is such a big deal, the Pokemon League is a tournament style battle, but it’s only for the best of the best. It’s like the Olympics, but the prior gold medalists have to defend their spot. This makes it extra challenging to win the entire competition because you have to be better than every other trainer that has ever been challenged.

Ketchum has landed very close at the winning title before with his first shot at it ending up in the final sixteen and the prior one in second place. Fans old and new rejoiced and the occasion was trending on Twitter within an hour. 

Even the prior voice actors, both the Japanese and English versions of Ash, shared their excitement and how proud they were of the growth of not only Ketchum, but the entire Pokemon fandom as a whole. 

However, this is not only just some made-up character winning a fictional tournament. This is way more than that. People growing up with the show watched as Ash Ketchum grew as well, but not only through growth as a trainer, but also how he has grown as a person. Ash’s initiative is unmatched; he gets up immediately after being knocked down, ready to try again. So for him to finally receive what he has worked so hard for, showing everyone that if you work hard enough you can become the master of whatever it is you want to do.