What’ll Ya Have Newnan


Brooke Jordan, Staff Writer

The company famous for the Frosted Orange , The Varsity, may be coming to Newnan. After 25 years of business, Sprayberrys BBQ on Highway-34 has shut down. According to the Clerk of Coweta Country, the Evelyn and Frank Gordon Family has bought the Sprayberry’s location. Frank Gordon was the man who opened the first Varsity in Atlanta in 1928. The company has no immediate plans for opening The Varsity in Newnan, but there is a possibility for the future. The family states that they are looking for more places to open more locations, but are scouting for the best place that would get the best business. 

Frank Gordon has a huge history in Atlanta. After he dropped out of Georgia Tech, he planned to make the “The World’s Largest Drive-in.” He succeeded in his plans and has opened The Varsity at 4 other locations in Georgia. Gordon has a closer relation to the Newnan area, for he graduated from Starr High School in Sharpsburg. Newnan would be a perfect place to open another location of this world-famous restaurant. The population has grown 135% in the last 10 years, there are 3 huge high schools in Coweta County, and Gordon has a history of Newnan Georgia. Things are still not certain, but if you live in Newnan, things might get a little greasier in your town!