The Healing Behind Breathwork Meditation


Madison Fouty, Staff Writer

Breathwork meditation is the practice of various breathing patterns that allow the energy in your body to remain present, while your mind is absent. This lets the energy shift towards the places in your body that hold the most tension. It is said that the tension creates a “buzzing” effect in those specific spots. Some say the buzzing is insanely intense, yet others say they feel no buzz whatsoever. But why does this buzzing even matter?

The buzzing is, once again, where your tension is held. So, when the practice is finished, the body allows itself to feel completely relaxed. This helps someone with great, or minor, physical pain feel relieved. This also allows just any regular body to detoxify itself of all the negative energy surrounding and/or inside of it.

If a person is not able to feel this buzzing sensation, they can heal as well… just in a different way. They could indulge in a spiritual awakening through this practice by keeping their mind present. This permits the mind to interact with a fully present body, which can greatly impact some. People who do this often say they can feel their ego drift away. The ego holds onto everything we are, so when it is released we allow ourselves to see and endure unnatural things.

These two types of healing can help a person enormously, but these are not the only two things you can gain from breathwork meditation. There are many other benefits that can affect you greatly. You can boost your immunity, develop or increase self-awareness, enrich creativity, and overcome addictions. 

Breathwork comes with many benefits, yet there are also some negative side effects. One might injure their physical body because it is not ready to handle this intense journey yet. One might not be mentally prepared, which may lead to an even worse outcome. The mind may play against itself, and a person could endure great emotional trauma. With the right practice though, this exercise can allow you to heal yourself and exude all negative energy. 

Many people are starting to introduce this into their daily routines, which can help them keep a positive mindset throughout their life. We are humans though, so negative emotions come naturally to us. Therefore, in order to heal ourselves, we must not do this to enrich enlightenment. We must do it to better ourselves over time.